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We help non-technical founders build minimum viable products (MVPs), enabling them to get early traction before investing in a technical team.


Work with an experienced non-technical founder

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Mike Wilner

CEO, Compass

A non-technical founder himself, Mike started Compass, building it into a freelance web design marketplace with over $50,000 in sales volume before recruiting a technical co-founder.

He then grew raised over $800K in funding while growing it to over $500,000 in sales volume.

He wrote about the Compass founding story in my article, How we Built a Tech Startup without Tech.


Why you shouldn’t hire a technical team until you have traction

  • Development cycles take a while and can limit your ability to learn and iterate quickly

  • You will likely be wrong about some of your early product assumptions, and if you're investing in a technical team those mistakes are extremely costly

  • Once you start working with a technical team, you need to continue to invest in them to maintain your product


Our approach helps you get early traction faster, and will help you get validation on your product so that you’re ready to hire a technical team.

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After working with us, you’ll know exactly what a technical team needs to do in order to unlock the next level of growth

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What startup ideas is this service good for?


Technology-enabled services

Are you trying to use technology to provide a manual service in a more cost-effective way?

I'll help you build the automated systems and workflows that will enable you to serve your early customers.

Two-sided marketplaces

Looking to build a more niche AirBnB,, or other kind of marketplace?

I'll help you make progress toward solving the chicken-and-egg problem.


Comparing our approach to a technical team


The Process


1. Document business model assumptions

We'll document the assumptions about your business model to inform MVP design and to revisit after making contact.

2. Map user stories

We'll determine exactly how you think different users will interact with your product and document product assumptions that we intend to test.

3. Solidify marketing materials

We'll help you produce all of the marketing materials you'll need to make contact--from logo design to landing pages, and more.

4. Build your MVP

We'll create a functional MVP that will enable you to make contact with your initial users/customers.

5. Make contact and iterate

We'll make contact, test product assumptions, learn, and make product improvements so that we can get to proof of concept quickly. 


Start making tangible progress on your startup idea