Our Story

Compass was founded by 3 Venture for America Fellows — all of whom have parents that are business owners. We saw first-hand how difficult it can be to navigate online marketing when trying to run your business, and we encountered other providers who made promises without taking into account what clients actually needed to improve their business. 

We thought, “what if we connected the dots between business needs, different web strategies, online marketing tools, and top talent?”, and Compass was born.

Our goal is to help businesses employ effective web strategies to improve their business at a reasonable price. 


Our Team

Mike Wilner CEO & Co-founder

Mike Wilner

CEO & Co-founder

Taylor Sundali COO & Co-founder

Taylor Sundali

COO & Co-founder

Matt Fulton CTO & Co-founder

Matt Fulton

CTO & Co-founder

Stuart Balcombe Marketer

Stuart Balcombe


Jane McConnell Developer

Jane McConnell